Saturday, October 5, 2013

Facebook Video Volume

Project Status: Feature Request

Dear Facebook,

"I want all videos to play at full volume all the time," said no one. Ever. Furthermore; hiding the volume controls until after the video starts is hilarious, but the prank is getting old so let's be adults now.

In all seriousness though; it is not difficult to remember my volume preference. YouTube does it. If I were running the show I would take it as far to learn the baseline volume of each video and adjust playback levels for each video individually. So not only would I remember that a certain user likes the volume at let's say 78%, I would also notice that this is a particularly loud or quiet video and automatically adjust so that the final output is in a range that I know this user will enjoy.

I understand that this is too complex for you to grasp and is of course just a pipe dream. I would be happy if you simply let me adjust the volume while your video is taking forever to load.

-Idea Man