Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Google Maps - Always Avoid Tolls

Project Status: Dream Came True
Update: Google Maps - Always Avoid Tolls - New Feature Rolled Out

I use the Google Maps app to navigate and I always choose the route option to "Avoid Tolls". I wish that this was an option the user could choose as "Always" instead of having to select it each time at the time of travel.

Google Maps Always Avoid Tolls Mock-Up
There are many ways the Google Maps app could implement this simple feature request. They could make the existing checkbox a sticky or persistent option so that whichever way you toggle the box it stays until it is changed again by the user. They could do something like the mockup shown here in which once the user selects "Avoid Tolls" an additional option is available to "Always" avoid the tolls. They could even go as far as to put it in the app's settings screen allowing the user to choose the default setting for these route options.

No matter how they do it, they just need to make it so that the user can set this as a long-term preference and have the option at anytime or for any trip to change from this default setting.

Update on November 13, 2014:
Normally this is where I would say that you can help make it happen by going to a link and starring a post. The more stars a post gets the more likely it is that the developers will implement the feature request. However; almost every post that I have found has been marked as closed or completed by the Google team, which is strange because this still isn't an actual feature. Does this mean they are actually working on it? I hope so.

Here are the posts I have found and as you can see there have been a lot of people over a few years now that have tried to get this feature request going, to no avail. If you go to the most relevant topic and click the star next to it you may actually help this feature request make it to the desk of the developers. I am hoping that the one marked as completed means it is already on that desk.

Update on February 23, 2016:
Today a workaround for Android users has been posted. Also the activity and status figures in this table were updated, they are not live figures.

While many topics have been started on the product forums for this feature request, please go to the most relevant one at this time which is "Make 'avoid tolls' option sticky - otherwise directions are wrong" and click the counter to up the vote number for the topic. As of today the count is already up to 73. There is also a small gray star next to the title of the topic, click it to turn it yellow. I have heard that stars may help the most to bring the importance of this issue to the attention of the development team.

Topic Date Activity Status
Avoid Toll Roads - Always 9/20/2014 3 posts 163 views This topic is a duplicate
Why am I not allowed to set "AVOID TOLLS" as a permanent setting? 3/7/2014 4 posts,
This topic is no longer open for new replies due to inactivity.
Is there a way to avoid tolls by default? 6/12/2013 10 posts,
This topic is no longer open for new replies due to inactivity.
Make 'avoid tolls' option sticky - otherwise directions are wrong 5/31/2013 389 posts
10k+ views
Completed ("passed it along to the team" on 6/3/2013)
Need a global "Avoid Tolls" option 7/3/2012 8 posts,
This topic is no longer open for new replies due to inactivity.
Auto "Avoid Tolls" option (setting) 2/22/2012 3 posts,
This topic is no longer open for new replies due to inactivity.

I am really hoping that the great people over at Google are working on this and that one day soon this will be another pipe dream which came true.

Update on June 12, 2017:
Glad to announce that for a few months now this feature has been included in the Google Maps app and is now another pipe dream that came true. Learn more here in the blog post about the new feature.