Friday, August 14, 2015

Google Chrome - Zoom Tabs Independently

Project Status: Complete

For the longest time it was very frustrating trying to zoom one Google Chrome tab because there was no way to keep all the other tabs from also zooming. Thankfully this is now a pipe dream of mine that has come true.

Before it didn't matter if you pulled tabs off to another window because anytime you changed the zoom level of one page all pages would match it, even if they were in a completely separate window.

For the longest time I searched the product forums and found many other people frustrated by this. The issue had been posted there and awaiting a solution for quite some time. The only response from the Chrome team seemingly being that it was a design choice and they had no intentions of changing it.

I have no idea when or what caused them to change their strategy to now making the zoom feature so that it only effects the current tab, but I am very glad that they did.