Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Breaking Into Hotel Rooms Legitimately

How easy is it to get in?

It is surprisingly easy to gain access to someone else's hotel room. For safety reasons I won't give you any ideas on how this is done, but believe me, it is all too easy.

I have been known to stay at a lot of hotels, sometimes spending more nights of a year in a hotel room than my own room. I have also been paid to go to various hotels and observe their internal procedures. In either case when I would come across a hotel with particularly lax protocols or enforcement of protocols I would alert the general manager.

Does the General Manager know?

In every case when confronting the general manager he/she would say, "No way, that could never happen at my hotel!" I would then have him/her watch me from the parking lot as I, an unknown person to this hotel, would walk up to the front desk and obtain a key for another guest's room. I would then walk directly out to the watching general manager and hand him/her the key saying this is a key to such and such room.

That or I would have him/her watch me walk around the hotel as I was able to but did not enter rooms as if I was the guest of those rooms. Again I will not give you any tips as to how I did this but it was both with and without employee cooperation.

What are they doing about it?

After I showed the general manager how easily I could get in and as soon as he/she could pick his/her jaw up off the floor, we would sit down and have a serious talk about security issues and how to tighten them up. This would always end with a company wide meeting to strengthen security and protocols at that property.

They are doing everything thing can with the tools they currently have, including hiring people like me. I would like to help them build better tools as you will see with some of the ideas I will share in this blog, such as facial recognition for hotel guests.

It's important to know that you, as a guest, need to help with security to keep yourself from becoming a victim and to report any suspicious activity no matter how trivial it may seem at the time.