Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Edit Text Messages

Project Status: Draft


Sending a text message with a typo and no option to correct it. You should be able to go back and correct a text message but that is currently not possible.


Send a following text with an asterisk.


Google Allo is a soon to be released app that might have something like this. If not it would have been easily possible to add in as a feature, in which case once it is released this might turn into a feature request for their app.

Changes should show up in the other person's phone as final copy with some way, such as by highlighting, that designates which sections of text have be edited.

The other person should be able to view all change history from touching the changes, so no information is actually lost.

This should work automatically on any phone that has a compatible messenger app. It may start out with one app company doing this but eventually needs standards so that other apps can understand the changes and display them correctly.

This standard format should be backwards compatible to some extent. Meaning that when the receiving end is not compatible to properly display the edits, then what it does receive should show up in a readable format so that the end user has a seamless experience.

For example for phone that can't make changes:

Original text:
  dude this is such a tool app
Follow-up text as it could appear for an incompatible device:
  *dude this is such a cool app
Original text as it could show up for a compatible device after an edit:
  dude this is such a cool app

What is a "draft" post?

This post is still in a draft state. Meaning that I have not done any or have done very little research about this topic. It also means that I hope to come back at some point and update the post with clearer descriptions and any applicable graphics related to the clarification of the idea.

I have basically only outlined my rough idea here until a point when I have time to come back and flesh this post out into something more useful to others. I went into a little more detail on another post about why there are so many pipe dream drafts on this blog.

It is notable to mention that the more views this page gets and the more interest it gathers, the more likely I will be to work on it before other drafts on this blog.