Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Facial Recognition for Hotel Guests

Project Status: Still Dreaming


Problems with who is authorized to have keys and key copies to any given hotel room.

Low hotel room security due to the fact that hotel staff does not personally meet or see each guest. They probably wouldn't even remember each guest if they could meet them all.


At check-in a video is taken of you as you speak with the front desk agent, which is nothing new, this happens at almost every hotel you go to these days. The difference would be setting up cameras to get a better view of guest's faces.

Currently the only time this video is used is when investigating an issue. After the damage is already done, whatever the case may be, staff or police go back and manually search through the video to try and identify guests and gather information.

I propose we use that same video information but much more effectively than we are doing today. First of all from this video we can populate a small profile picture on the guest's account. Anytime we pull up his or her room this picture will be attached to it. This will help immensely in making sure we are posting the correct charges to the correct rooms. As well as only giving out keys when authorized guests and authorized friends/family of guests approach the front desk.