Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grammar Nazi Chrome Extension

Project Status: Brainstorming
Project Update: Grammar Nazis Get Grammarly


The web is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. As you may have noticed by reading any of my blog posts.


There is currently no easy way to go about editing web pages unless you own them. Often times it is impractical to email or find other means of contact to let a webmaster know about a few tiny or maybe numerous errors.


Someone should make a Chrome Extension so that the Grammar Nazis of the Internet can mark suggested edits/corrections live on websites as they browse the Internet.

Then if the site's owner already uses this Chrome Extension, he/she will receive an alert showing the suggestions. The owner may then choose to ignore the suggestion (which would also automatically ignore anyone else making the same future suggestion), or to modify the site's content with respect to the suggestion.

If the site's owner has never used the Chrome Extension then it will give you, the Grammar Nazi, the option to send a form email to the listed email address related to the site's registration. The email would contain a link to the Chrome Extension and a brief summary of the suggested edits.

Over time the Extension should gain some traction, and it would be really nice to let the Grammar Nazis see a history of their suggestions and how many of them are actually implemented.