Thursday, September 1, 2016

Google Plus Now Allows Image Comments

Project Status: Dream Came True
Original Project Post: Google Plus Comments with Images

Happy to announce that Google Plus is currently rolling out a new feature! It's one that I have wanted for quite some time but only recently came around posting about here on this blog.

What new superpowers do we get?

As you can see in the image below there are now a couple new icons available to users when commenting to a post on Google Plus.

Photo icon: The first icon lets you choose a local image file from your computer to upload, or allows you to choose from one of the photos already available to your Google Plus profile.

Link icon: The second icon allows you to paste in a URL to be used as a link. This is meant to be a link to another website, although you could paste the URL directly to an image here. The link will be inserted as clickable preview to the destination.

Google Plus Desktop Version - New Comment Options
If you use the photo icon to insert an image, then readers will have the option to click the image to zoom in with Google Plus' built in photo viewer. If you use the link icon for a simple photo, then when users click it they will be taken out of Google Plus and will see the image in its original context on the web.

Inserting without using icons: Of course you can also simply paste a link right into the text portion of the comment and it will automatically convert to a clickable preview for the readers. It doesn't appear that you have the option to drag-and-drop photos yet, but who knows maybe one day.

Why do I still see links instead of images?

This is a new feature that is currently rolling out as I post this. That being the case, it will not be available immediately to all users at once. Some people are already starting to see images appear in the comments while others will still only see links until the roll-out has reached them. So hold tight, and it should start working soon.

Desktop users: If you are on using the desktop version of Google Plus make sure and opt in to use the new G+ if given the option. If you are still on the classic version this feature may not show up at all.

App users: If you are using the Google Plus App you will have to update the app before this feature appears. The app build number shows links to the images instead of the actual images in the comments. You will need build number or higher.