Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Allo Easter Eggs

What is Allo?

Allo is a personal assistant of sorts. Check out Google's Allo app on the play store. In my personal opinion the Allo app is in its infancy stages, for now.

How smart is it?

It seems very limited with what it pretends to understand and with what it can do. Most of the time it simply says that it doesn't understand or inserts a link and says something like here's what I found on the web. However; the more people use it and play around with it, the smarter they can make it seem over time.

Allo Easter Eggs?

That being said; I do love trying to break it and trying to find easter eggs that the developers may have hidden in it. I have tried several times to get the app to carry on a conversation, remembering the context of each question and answering following ones based on how the they fit into the current conversation... with little to no luck so far. I hope it gets better over time.

I haven't actually found what I would consider an easter egg. I would think one would be where I can ask, type or do something with the app to make it actually do something pretty unexpected. For example: go to google.com and search for "do a barrel roll" to see what happens.

What are some good things to ask Allo for fun?

Your results may vary, so I recommend asking these same questions to compare how Allo answers for you. In my constant attempts to find funny or interesting things Allo responds with, the following are some of the best I have personally come across so far. If you have some of your own please share them in the comments.

That's It

That's all for now, I may post more in the future. I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to Get the Allo app for your own device and let me know what interesting things you can find.