Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bible Spelling Game

Project Status: Still Dreaming


Searching the Bible via Google is getting really good; however, searching via Bible apps such as the You Version Bible app is still lagging behind.


Most users end up using a Google search instead of the Bible app.


I would like to make a Bible spelling game of sorts. Basically you would open up to a verse that it selects for you. One word in the verse will be hidden and you will see a blank line instead. The app will read the verse to you and you will be required to type in the missing word.

How is a Bible spelling game related to poor search results within Bible apps you might ask? Well, there are a lot of words in the Bible which do not appear frequently in everyday conversations, such as a lot of the places and names, most of which can be very hard to spell. By making an app like this I can learn from all of the misspellings as players attempt to spell a word/name and fail.

Learning these common misspellings means we can then apply this knowledge to search results in much the same way you will see Google suggesting alternate spellings as you search.


Since the time of this posting I have decided to start trying to develop this app. Feel free to follow the progress and read a little bit about me hitting pencil to paper as I try to take on this challenge here in this post: Bible Spelling Game - The Beginnings