Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grammar Nazis Get Grammarly

Project Status: Dream Came True - Mostly
Original Post: Grammar Nazi Chrome Extension
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The web is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. As you may have noticed by reading any of my blog posts. Check out the original idea I had for a Chrome grammar checker here. You could also check out my other idea for Google Grammar which hasn't happened, as far as I know.


While this solution doesn't resolve the issue I covered in the original post about being able to help other content authors with their sites, it does solve helping us with our own mistakes.

Today I announce that I stumbled across Grammarly, which you can add to Chrome for free. I have not tried Grammarly myself yet, but from what I gather it assists you as you use Chrome. It suggests corrections as you type. It looks like it works for not only Chrome but also for Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Word.

This video explains more than I could:

Again, I have not used it and am not affiliated with any of these products mentioned here. Please feel free to try it out and leave a comment below to help others.