Saturday, February 25, 2017

Drink Recipe App

Project Status: Draft


Working as a bartender and as someone who trains other bartenders, I spend a lot of time trying different apps and various websites which provide drink mix recipes. There tend to be a large amount of options for even very common drinks. This makes it very hard for someone looking up recipes, or someone just learning, to know which mixes to use. Also, often times the person looking this up is in a huge hurry because someone at the bar ordered something obscure and expects it to be made correctly and quickly.


I would love to make an app that allows for me to enter and share my own mix recipes. I would want the option of keeping certain recipes private or public. I would love to be able to share privately with a group of other users. This would be for the use case that I want to have other employees easily access a list of drinks which I have cultivated. Ultimately this would help the establishment to keep better consistency between its many bartenders and quickly bring new/training bartenders up to speed.

If I choose to make some or all of my drink lists publicly available, this could assist other users in finding drinks. By this I mean that if someone has come to trust my drink selections over time, then my selections can help influence their search results. This way when they are searching for a margarita and getting a ton of results, my preferences can show up higher in the list and be noted as such to help them quickly make a selection.

It's very possible that there is an app like this available now but the last time I went digging around I could not find one with any features similar to these.

What is a "draft" post?

This post is still in a draft state. Meaning that I have not done any or have done very little research about this topic. It also means that I hope to come back at some point and update the post with clearer descriptions and any applicable graphics related to the clarification of the idea.

I have basically only outlined my rough idea here until a point when I have time to come back and flesh this post out into something more useful to others. I went into a little more detail on another post about why there are so many pipe dream drafts on this blog.

It is notable to mention that the more views this page gets and the more interest it gathers, the more likely I will be to work on it before other drafts on this blog.