Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dynamic Game Difficulty

Project Status: Draft


Often times games are too hard to play or too easy to be challenging and fun. If a game is too easy it will quickly be tossed aside, too hard and they'll likely give up and not go back to it.


For the most part, game difficultly seems to be hard-coded with game developers making high level static decisions instead of dynamic solutions during gameplay.


A game should learn how well the player is doing and automatically adjust the difficulty to keep the player captive, entertained and having fun. It should be hard enough to be a challenge but not so hard that it doesn't seem possible. This level should change for each player that picks up the game and even depending on how that player is doing this time.

If you can sense that a player is in attack mode and wants a hard challenge then bring it. If he/she is having an off day maybe he/she just needs an easy win to feel good.

This level should cycle during active play, much like building up to a boss level does. The player needs a change of pace as the game proceeds so that he/she doesn't feel like he/she is up against a wall but that is able to break holes in the wall. I'm sure some games must be doing this but why aren't more games made like this.

What is a "draft" post?

This post is still in a draft state. Meaning that I have not done any or have done very little research about this topic. It also means that I hope to come back at some point and update the post with clearer descriptions and any applicable graphics related to the clarification of the idea.

I have basically only outlined my rough idea here until a point when I have time to come back and flesh this post out into something more useful to others. I went into a little more detail on another post about why there are so many pipe dream drafts on this blog.

It is notable to mention that the more views this page gets and the more interest it gathers, the more likely I will be to work on it before other drafts on this blog.