Monday, February 27, 2017

YouVersion App - Full Screen Fix

Project Status: Feature Request

The App

If you are looking for a Bible app the one from YouVersion is a really nice one, I recommend checking out. It is free with no ads and is always being updated with new and cool stuff. The tweaks and ideas that follow refer to the app as of version 7.4.1 on Android devices.

The Build Up

One neat thing, which was quite confusing to me actually at first because I accidentally stumbled across it, is the ability to double tap while reading the Bible app to jump into full screen mode. Double tapping again returns to the normal reading view within the app that provides more controls and options.

Of course it would be really nice to throw a toast message for a moment when a user first uses this double tap option. The message could quickly inform him/her of what happened and how to get out of the view. Thus saving some unnecessary confusion for those who accidentally stumble into this view and wouldn't otherwise have any way of knowing how to undo what they have done. However; this isn't my actual request for improvement, the real reason for this post is the following one.

Feature Request

While I do like the option to jump into a full screen mode, this feature desperately needs one small adjustment. Currently every time you enter full screen mode you are taken to the first verse in the passage you are on. Which is quite confusing and a little bit frustrating.

Let's say you navigate to a specific verse far down in the chapter of a book and then you double tap. Currently what happens is you enter full screen at the top of the chapter. Which means you have to scroll all the way down to your target verse again.

When you exit full screen you do return to your original position that took you to full screen in the first place, but this is also disorienting because it will most likely no longer match the position you leave full screen from.

The solution here is to lock the two reference points together. In this way, whether you are in full screen or a normal reading view, your imaginary cursor is always right where you expect it to be. Resulting in a seamless transition to and back from full screen mode.


While quite simple to develop and quite trivial of an idea, if implemented it will greatly help the user experience of the app. Honestly I see no reason why the developers wouldn't want the app to preform in the above suggested manner. I am sure it will only be a matter of time until this idea is implemented and rolled out in a future version.