Monday, March 6, 2017

Losing access to the email address for YouVersion account

Project Status: Feature Request


If you lose access to the email account that your YouVersion account is connected to, I don't believe there is currently any recovery option available. Which means when people lose access to their accounts they lose all notes, badges and data associated to the account.

The worst part here, I feel, is that most people in that situation would be so demotivated to use the app again that they would likely move on to trying different Bible apps at that point, or worse yet not want to use Bible apps anymore (let's hope that's not the case).

I have no analytical data to base this opinion on, but it would seem to me that starting over completely from scratch with an account at that point would be very difficult, psychologically speaking, for many to do.


Unless I'm missing something, I think the only option now is to make a new account and start over.


My suggestion to the YouVersion Bible app development team, is to incorporate a few simple recovery options. Just some basic stuff really that lots of other major sites are already doing, like allowing users to associate a phone number and backup email address with the account if they choose to.

This way, in the case that a user loses access to an old email account, he/she will have a couple last resort options before having to give up and start over completely with a new account. This of course needs to be setup by the user before being locked out.

Once locked out the option could appear to either send a text, maybe an automated phone call or an email to one of these recovery options, thus verifying the user has permission to login.

Once the feature is added a gentle reminder could show up from time to time in the user's main feed to allow the user to specify this, to state that they don't want to specify this or to verify that the information is still current if it has been quite awhile since having entered it.


Please don't get me wrong here, I in no way mean to be negative about this Bible app. My intentions are only to help avoid any frustration by users and to keep them from having any reason to abandon the app. Which is why it is my opinion that providing some simple recovery options will help with continuity of service and the overall user experience.


I did just happen to come across this related help center topic.