Monday, April 17, 2017

YouVersion's New Verse Tracker Feature

Project Status: Progress Made
Original Post: Teleprompter Mode for Bible App
Update: Verse Tracker Quick Fix

The App

The YouVersion Bible App is awesome. If you haven't checked it out you should, it's free and one of the best out there. Don't worry, they don't pay me to say that, I am not affiliated with them, just a user and these are my opinions.

The Original Post

Originally I had posted a feature request similar to YouVersion's new "Verse Tracker" feature rolling out now.

Teleprompter Mode for Bible App
I think there should be some neat way of highlighting the current position. A simple way for the development team to do that would be to use the highlighting or underlining feature for verses...

The New Feature

As you can in this animated screenshot from the Bible App the new "Verse Tracker" feature will mark each verse of the Bible as you listen along with it being read aloud to you. This is a super cool new addition to the already amazing app.

Since you are not locked into the current verse being stuck in focus, you can easily scroll around and come back to it while listening. In this way the marker continues to "track" with the audio clip even if you scroll away.

I would like to feel like I had something to do with this new feature, but I can't take any of the credit. Those developers are doing a great job at YouVersion and they made a lot of great design choices while implementing this new feature.

Another New Feature

There is also a new feature called the "Verse Scrubber," according the release notes on April 15, 2017. Obviously these notes will change with new versions of the Bible app, but here is a snippet of what it said with this release:

The Verse Scrubber allows you to easily select the exact verse you want to hear
I really like this idea, it is leaning towards another feature request I have been thinking of but haven't actually posted about yet. Being able to play a single verse from the passages rather than trying to find a specific location within an entire chapter's audio clip sounds very useful.

My only problem is that I haven't figured out how to find or use this new "Verse Scrubber" feature yet. If someone can show it to me or teach me how I will gladly add more information about it here for others.

Until then enjoy the app and keep up the good work guys.