Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Advanced Slides Service makes scripting for Google Slides possible

Project Status: Dream Came True
Original Post: Google Apps Script for Google Slides

Dream came true

Happy to announce that this is another pipe dream that came true, admittedly I am a few months late posting this, but I actually just found out myself and haven't even had a chance to use it yet.

How it works

Since Google's release of Advanced Slide Service we now have the ability to programmatically generate slides. With this service we can access the Slides API from Google Apps Script, from there we will be able to read/write content to the slides.

Getting started

The place to start would be right here on the Advanced Slides Service page. It will show you how to first enable the advanced service and then go on to show you some sample code to help create your first presentation from script.

Video Tutorial

Check out this tutorial on YouTube straight from the Google Developers channel. It will walk you through connecting Google sheets data and a Google Slides presentation. Also extremely helpful is to dig through the huge list of links provided in the description of the video.

Need some project ideas?

Check out the original post here on this blog for the old feature suggestion, it is packed with some useful ideas of what you could potentially do with Slides once you enable the dynamic content via custom scripting.