Saturday, June 17, 2017

YouVersion Study Tabs Feature Request

Project Status: Feature Request

The App

First off let me start by saying the YouVersion Bible App is awesome. If you haven't checked it out you should, it's free and one of the best out there. Don't worry, they don't pay me to say that, I am not affiliated with them, just a user and these are my opinions.

The Problem

Currently, as of version 7.6.1, it is still very difficult to refer back and forth between multiple points in the Bible app while trying to study. It appears the use case this app is more designed for is that of reading one point in the the Bible at a time.

The problem is when trying to study, imagine a group study atmosphere for example, you often want to hold your place and refer around to multiple other points in the Bible at once. Often times quickly jumping back to the same chapter you were reading in the first place.


I would love to see the "Reading" section of the app open up like browser tabs do. It could be super simple or even completely fancy like the Google Chrome tabs on their mobile app. As seen in the animated GIF above or in this quick demo YouTube video:


The best workaround that I can think of at the moment is to use the app to focus on the main portion of the scripture that you are reading and then dig down into other portions of the Bible using a web browser.

Don't hold your breath

Of course the idea sounds pretty simple to describe and even to imagine, seeing as most of us use interfaces like this almost everyday. However, this is a pretty tall order and would take quite a bit of development effort to build into the existing app.

I would love to have this feature, and I won't lose hope, but realistically speaking I won't hold my breath on this one.