Friday, June 30, 2017

YouVersion's Half-Year Challenge for Seven Days

Project Status: Feature Request
Original Post: YouVersion 21 Day Challenge

The Challenge

It's half-way through the year and the YouVersion Bible app is doing a seven day challenge to motivate people to get in the habit of reading their Bible everyday. Checkout the details of the challenge and more information about the badge you could earn here in YouVersion's blog post.

The Feature Request

I think it would help a lot with these periodic challenges if the app would have some way of interacting with users to let them know both that there is a challenge taking place and then some visual feedback of their progress in that challenge.

All the details

This feature request is actually the exact same as the one I posted about during the 21 day challenge back in February. Check out the original post here to see the details about how the idea could actually be implemented in the app.

Share the news

Anytime the YouVersion Bible app is doing a challenge and you take part in it be sure to let your friends and family who also have the app know. Just like going to the gym with a friend will help you to stick with it, if you get someone reading with you then you are more likely to keep up with the habit.