Friday, July 7, 2017

Random Verse Spinner for YouVersion Bible App

Project Status: Feature Request

The App

If you are looking for a Bible app the one from YouVersion is a really nice one, I recommend checking out. It is free with no ads and is always being updated with new and cool stuff.

The Issue

There is a timeless way that so many people have used their paper Bibles in their hands that just isn't available yet in most Bible Apps such as the free one I use most often that is made by YouVersion.

The use case I am referring to is the one where people love to be able to open their Bibles and let the pages fall to a random location. That way they can read from a random starting point and not have to decide on a starting point for themselves.

I can't tell you how many people I have spoken to that have mentioned to me they also were hoping this app would have that feature.


It would be quick and easy for the development team to add a card in the main home feed when first opening the app that allows users to jump to a random point in scripture. Of course there is already the verse of the day, but that only changes daily and is the same for everyone.

The random verse generator could add a bit of gamification to the app, simply by making the card an interactive feature that allows users to tap it anytime they want to generate a new random location to begin reading the Bible from. Adding a bit of animation can make that really fun.

Keeping the user experience in mind, it would be smart to always hold the last location generated, allowing the users to flush that and jump to a new point as they wish. In that way if there was something they wanted to refer back to later it would still be there, and if it was gone they would know why it went away.

In Closing

I think if there was any way that the developers wanted to incorporate this idea it would be really fun and help bring users back to the app. Even if they don't though, I think they are doing a great job over there and hope they keep up the good work.