Monday, July 10, 2017

Reversible USB

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Original Idea

Originally I posted the idea that Universal Serial Bus (USB) should be universally insert-able, meaning it would go in the right way the first time every time. You can read more about the original idea here.

Dream came true

It didn't take much for this dream to come true because actually at the time of the original posting the product was already something people could buy.

The reason I end up posting ideas that people have already come through on is due to the fact that I like to find problems and try to solve them on my own first, then seek help. These days no one wants to do the hard thinking and try to figure things out for themselves. When something difficult comes along people automatically start searching for the answer online.

I love to try to solve the problem myself by thinking up any solutions I can and then narrowing down to the most viable one(s) to share here. Then it is a lot of fun to search around after that point and see if others came up with the same solutions or better ones.

Sometimes I say, "Man why didn't I think of that, that's clever." Other times I say, "Wow I wish they would have done what I came up with instead." Either way I end up growing and learning and in any case I love seeing these problems actually solved.

Reversible USB Products

Some products that solve the problem I posted about originally are called "Reversible USB". Here are a few of them you can see actually sold today: