Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Clash of Clans Anti-Spy

Project Status: Feature Request

Currently Clash of Clans has a sneaky little issue where players can easily spy on the opposing war clan once a war has started the preparation day. The development team could easily fix this problem by making it so that anyone who joins into a clan after a war search begins is unable to see the war map. Essentially revoking this player's access to the war details and leaving the spectator status only for members who were in the clan before the war search started but are not eligible for war.

Often times during the preparation day members of the opposing clan will try to come over and sneak a peek. Sometimes even taking screenshots of all traps and war castle troops. This is pretty sneaky and gives the spying clan a huge advantage during the war. Many times it is easy to spot and avoid because you can recognize the name of those trying to join as a member of the opposite clan. The hard part is that many times people will drop in with a second account and snoop around.

Making this easy fix, of blinding new members from the war map, would help to stop this form of cheating. It would not however stop the opposing clan from coming in and listening to the clan chatter. So overall the fix would make the game more fair by blocking this form of blatant cheating but still allowing those that love the idea of spying to listen in on clan chatter if they desire.

The best part about fixing this form of spying is that it will ultimately help clans to grow larger quicker. Larger clans tend to keep players more involved in game play, meaning more money coming in for those that run Clash of Clans. The reason being that right now the only way for a clan to rule out spying is to close up the doors until war is over. Often players leave during war and sadly by the end of each war it seems that clans get smaller and smaller. Spending a lot of time between wars trying to build a clan's size back up loses those war hungry fighters to more active clans. Then without your hardcore true-blue fighters the war losses start to pile up and the downward spiral of a dying clan continues.

Sure this fix will not solve all the problems with dwindling clan sizes, but it will sure help them to grow larger and stronger. It gives a clan more time to accept in the noobies and see how they mesh with the group before having to drag them into the trenches of war only to find out that they are flaky.

I hope this one day becomes a part of the game that I am currently so addicted to, but I doubt that it will. I guess it's just another pipe dream for now.

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