Monday, December 1, 2014

Unable to Edit Contacts on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Project Status: Solved / Completed
Update to this Post: Editing Contacts with Android Got Easier

Original Issue (which has now been resolved):
Is it just me or is there actually no way to edit contacts on the new version of Android? The previous version had a people app and it was possible to edit contact information from this app. The lollipop release no longer has the people app, it has been replaced by an app called contacts.

I have tried tapping and long pressing on just about everything within the contacts app, with no success. Since the new version of Android I have only been able to edit contacts by going to a computer, opening my Gmail and making changes there.

There is one other way but it is not very convenient. I am able to edit a contact from the Hangouts app, but only if I can open up a conversation with the contact. If I don't have an existing conversation with the contact, then I am not sure how to edit the contact.

I was frustrated when I stopped using Android's messaging app and changed over to the Hangouts app for texting because the Hangouts app also had no way to edit contacts. Back when I switched over though I was still using the Kit Kat version of Android and was able to edit contacts by closing out the Hangouts app and opening up the people app. It was super frustrating but at least it was possible to make edits.

Eventually the Hangouts app has added a way to edit a contact, but as I said before it is not convenient. If I have an on going conversation with a contact I am able to touch the contact's photo in the conversation. That takes me to the contact's information and in the top right corner there is a pencil. Touching the pencil allows me to edit the contact.

The problem is that if there is not an on going conversation with the contact, then there is no way (at least that I can find after some time of trying) to get to this same editing pencil icon. I can add the contact to a new conversation as if I am about to send a text message. If I don't actually send the contact a message then touching on the contact's photo doesn't take me to the contact information as I would hope. If I go to the menu in the top right corner I can choose "People and Options". On the "People and Options" screen I touch on a contact in the given list at the bottom, but sadly nothing happens. Soooo frustrating.

It would be so easy for them to fix this by allowing me to touch on a user's contact photo anytime it is in the Hangouts app and allowing that to take me to the contact's information. Instead of only in certain cases as it does now. I also find it super annoying that the contacts app which came with Android 5.0 Lollipop has no way for me to edit contacts.