Thursday, August 18, 2016

Self Cleaning Urinal Mat

Project Status: Still Dreaming


Standing in a pool of urine while using the urinals. Not easy for employees to clean and impractical to clean as often as really needed.


I really need to draw up some animated 3D graphics for you to see what I am picturing in my head, but for now here is the description so you can use your imagination until then.

I would like to make a mat for under urinals that holds a sanitizing liquid. There would always be a quarter inch or so of nice smelling sanitation liquid under your feet. The part you would stand on is much like the bar service mats you see bartenders use to catch all the excess liquid on the bar top while mixing drinks.

The pegs that stick up would be in groups so that an even spread of them may be rotated down and sanitized at any time while the majority of the others remain standing tall in place.

The rotation is powered by the weight of someone standing on the mat. So as soon as someone steps on it a section of the pegs is pushed straight down into the liquid trough. As soon as he steps off the pegs which had been in the solution before now slowly, by use of a spring, raise back up into place and the new set stays down until the next use.

The mat is easy to dump out and refill after some reasonable period of use, such as daily, depending on the amount of traffic the restroom receives. The mat should also be made durably enough that someone can hose it down for deep cleaning as needed without risk of damaging any moving parts.