Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tango - Magic Apps

Project Status: App Idea


This app would require a Google Tango device to run. If you are looking to buy a Tango device check out this post which links to the newest devices on the market.

The Setup

Alright, so this isn't actually so much of an idea as it really is an idea for an idea. Basically every time I show someone my Google Tango phone and what it can do they are mesmerized by it. They have no idea what is going on or how it works. It takes showing a few apps off and explaining the mechanics to them before it finally starts to click.

The Idea

What I'm thinking would be really great right now, especially since almost no one knows what Tango is, is to make some magic apps. Now I'm not big on magic or slight of hand in general and I don't think we should be trying to deceive people, but I think Tango could be used for some quick funny gags.

I haven't thought about this enough yet to give you a solid example here, maybe I will and will post one later on for you, but I wanted to give you the idea to get you thinking about it for now.

Imagine using your phone running a Tango app and the other people looking at your screen have no idea that this is a Tango enabled device. Imagine how you could use that opportunity to amaze them by surprise and then jump into explaining what Tango is and how it works.