Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Smart Socks - A Step in the wrong direction

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The Idea

A few months ago I had posted an idea about making smart soles for shoes or making smart inserts for shoes. At the time of today's posting that topic is still listed as a draft post, meaning I haven't done any research to see what products have already been designed, but the self-powering features I mentioned are not likely to be out there yet.

Smart Socks

I just happened to come across this video featuring smart socks, which is an actual product you can buy today if you like. I really like that this company is putting the effort in and making a product, but I really wish they would focus on building their technology into shoes or insoles instead of socks.

That's why I say making smart socks is a step in the wrong direction, but check out this video and see what you think:

Why shoes/insoles would be better

There are many reasons a shoe or insole design would be smarter than a sock:
  • Washing is not a problem
  • Harvesting ambient power so no charging needed
  • No feeling of being on house arrest
These are just a few but you can read more and all about them in the original idea posted here.

Product pricing

If you are interested in this product or even in learning more about pricing, you can start here by seeing it listed on : Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet, Large Grey. The same company also makes a T-Shirt with a heart rate monitor built in : Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt with Heart Rate Monitor.