Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tango - Escape Room - Update

Project Status: Getting closer, but not yet Tango enough
Original Post: Tango - Escape Room

The Tango Idea

If you you haven't checked it out yet, and you are interested in Google Tango even in the slightest, I suggest you checkout my original idea for making a Tango escape room experience here.

If you are looking to buy a Tango device check out this post which links to the newest devices on the market.

Google Escape Room

Checkout the awesome escape room that people actually made, yes in real life, to showcase the usefulness of many Google products and the possibilities when they all come together. This is the short version in English:

The Extended Video

When they held this escape room event they actually live streamed it to YouTube. The video is forty-five minutes long and in French, you speak French and have forty-five minutes to kill right, lol. Don't worry, you can turn on the auto-generated English closed-captioning if you want to but it's not a requirement to still find this fun and interesting.

Here's the full video, minus the first 50 seconds of nothingness that I trimmed off for you, "Je vous en prie":

Next Step

Since the focus of this video was to showcase Google products, let's take it a step further and incorporate as much of this as possible using and showcasing Google Tango as laid out in the original idea here.