Monday, July 25, 2016

Responsive Blogging Content

Project Status: Still Dreaming


Before you get too deep into this, I don't mean responsive design of the page, I mean responsive access to the content itself. Allow me to explain.

Short attention spans coupled with busy lifestyles means smaller and smaller content being published by bloggers and all across the web. Sometimes we really need in-depth knowledge and sometimes a quick bird's eye view is enough. This is not only an issue at a document level but also a granular issue within the page as readers with different backgrounds and interests want different levels of dept throughout the document.


Currently the best practice is to use a few links, allowing readers to venture off and follow their own path. Which often leads to many open browser tabs and several searches for related content which don't as often answer questions as they do actually raise more.


Just like responsive web design and how it fits page views to screen size needs, we need a method to do the same with content. An expandable format allowing readers to quickly grab a high level overview or to really dig in on specific sections of the document to learn more.