Thursday, August 4, 2016

Android to bring back contact groups

Project Status: Dream Came True
Update: Group Android Contacts by Label

Are your contact groups missing on Android? Yeah, mine too. Ever since Lollipop when they decided to no longer include contact groups. Simple groups like family and coworkers. Groups that are already in your Gmail contacts which use to always show up automatically on Android devices.

I'm glad to say, and with a big thanks to everyone that has been going to the product forums to talk to the developers, that Android should soon see group contacts make a come back. That's according to a project member's reply to what was marked as a closed issue.

Here's exactly what that project member said:

Post by Project Member on  Jun 30, 2016
"Good news guys, This feature will be back again soon, fixed from the development team. and additional issues will be tracked further. Still don't have info on which build and version will the fix goes in. will update this tracker as and when we get more info."

So don't hold your breath. Could be a while still, who really knows, but it's great to hear that they are working on it.

Once contact groups come back maybe they can start working on one of the other feature requests I was hoping for which is group ringtones. The idea for group ringtones became obsolete once they dropped groups altogether but now I have hopes for it again.