Friday, September 23, 2016

Elevator Door Videos

Project Status: Still Dreaming

The Idea

I think we should start installing video screens that are embedded into elevator doors, so that as passengers ride from floor to floor they can view the screen. As the doors open the embedded screens will glide out of the way, effectively being in place as they are needed and hiding out of sight when they aren't.

These smart displays can be touch screens, but keep in mind the interaction time with viewers is quick so content should be generated with this time limit in mind. As the doors are about to open the content should fade away, leaving the users with only information such as the current floor number. Screens should be kept high enough for average adult viewers and not low enough for children. The purpose of targeting an adult audience is for the safety of children who may be tempted to play with the screen as the doors are opening. This higher installation will also help to protect the screens from carts and luggage that will normally hit the doors.

Use Cases

From simple advertising to guiding guests through a building, there are many uses for built-in smart displays in elevators. I think providing quick and useful information for the passengers seems to be the most beneficial use of the space.

Businesses can use these screens as smart reader boards. After all, when you have a captive audience and you know not only where they are headed but how long they will be staring at the screen in front of them, you might as well use that time wisely and to their benefit.

Heading down to the first floor? I bet you would like to see a quick snapshot of the weather conditions outside, the local time and maybe even a map view of current traffic conditions. Heading up to the conference floor? Here is a list of the meetings and times they are scheduled today. Going to the restaurant floor? Here are some popular menu items to drool over on the way. Staying at a hotel and need to know the breakfast, pool or gym hours? No problem. We can bring that content to you while you ride the elevator.

Why Stop There

Want to take the idea a step further? Imagine if you could also control the display with voice commands. Say "show me current stock reports" and suddenly you have easy access to the information you want. No need for a key word like "Ok Google" or "Hey Alexa" because you are only there for such a short time that it can constantly listen and try to provide you with relevant, family friendly, content pertaining to your conversation. Happen to be talking about the current political race? Maybe a the poll information is suddenly right in front of you on the elevator doors.

Are you the shy type? Or maybe the big brother is out to get me I'm going to have to start taking the stairs type? Lol, no worries. I say if it is always listening it should have a couple features built-in for your comfort.

First off it should have a sound wave meter displaying somewhere, maybe in a bottom corner, that way you have an understanding that someone, or a device actually, is listening to you. If you really want to be fancy you can show an interactive avatar so people see a person or character and may interact with it.

Second of all, if it is listening to you, it should have a kill switch with some obvious visual feedback once it has been activated. Maybe you could touch a mute button next to the sound wave meter or you could ask the avatar for some privacy.

In Summary

Content that comes to us as we need it and when we want it is much more engaging than having to dig for that same content on our own. Elevators are the perfect place for time sensitive on demand information catered to us based on when and where we are. Placing monitors within the doors themselves, as opposed to anywhere else in the elevator, peeks audience engagement and shifts from information that happens to be around us to information that is the focal point of the room and gone as soon as we need to get going.