Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pandora Group Stations

Project Status: Feature Request


Listening to music at work is difficult because people have such different taste that playing music for everyone always leaves someone wishing it wasn't on at all. Everyone listening to individual stations requires earbuds and isolates workers. This isolation causes drops in productivity for the group and slows necessary communication needed for the team to excel.

Granted the types of work environments I am thinking of here are ones in which people are working together on tasks or in large groups. As far as your cubical workers, sure, keep your earbuds my friends.

This idea also applies to parties and groups of friends hanging out. Whether it's in your car or on the couch, catering music to the crowd takes a delicate touch and DJ like skills.


I think Pandora Internet Radio, which is great by the way and you should look into it if you haven't yet, should make group stations.

Currently you can make your own stations and even share them with other people, but what I am suggesting here is a station geared towards a group audience with group controls.

I want to be able to create a station and share it with some friends. From that point I want my friends to have the same interactive controls as I do over that station. Anyone could thumbs up or thumbs down a song.

You would want to be able to play the station at work and have users of this group mirror the feed controls to their own devices. Someone in the group really doesn't want to hear a song? No problem, let that person hit the skip button for the feed playing to the whole group.

Over time you should end up with a station that works for the group. Of course it's not going to always be everyone's favorite song, but a nice mix to make everyone happy.