Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tango - Rubik's Cube

Project Status: App Idea


This app would require a Google Tango device to run. It would also require permission to use the Rubik's Cube game concept or ability to adapt the idea so that it does not infringe on any copywritten or trademarked material.

If you are looking to buy a Tango device check out this post which links to the newest devices on the market.

The Idea

I think it would be cool to make an augmented reality app for the Rubik's Cube, and I know that has been done quite a bit before but this idea puts a slightly new twist on the game. You would want a few different modes for the gameplay so that the user can choose the best one for the moment.

Normal Apps

One mode would be like any old Rubik's Cube app you have seen before. It would have the cube displayed center screen with the ability to either swipe parts of the cube to solve it, use two fingers to change the orientation of the cube and it would also have some simple controls displayed to each side of the cube which allows you to accomplish the same results.

Augmented Reality Versions

Another mode would be the augmented reality mode you would probably expect to see, which is to display the cube somewhere and of some size in the user's environment. The user would have the ability to walk around and see the cube stay in its given place within the environment. There would be the same set of controls provided in the first mode but with some added physics to allow the user to manipulate the cube with respect to the environment. For example; maybe they would have the option to pick it up and place it somewhere else, or to pinch it and change the size of it.

The New Twist

One thing that I think hasn't been done before, and something such as Google Tango could be used to provide, is the ability to walk inside the cube and solve it from within. Imagine if you had an augmented reality Rubik's Cube in your environment and were solving it on your Google Tango device. Then when you got close enough to it you could pop inside of it. If the cube was very small it would be resided to a very large size.

It could even do things such as snap to the size of the room you are in, giving the impression that you were shifting the walls around to solve the puzzle. The point being once inside no matter which direction you look you will want to see several of the surfaces in order to keep the game interesting and playable. The controls could be pretty much the same as before. You could either touch and swipe a section to rotate the pieces and solve it, or you could tap controls near the edges of the screen.


The simple idea is to use Google Tango to allow players to solve a Rubik's Cube from the inside, something which as far as I know has not been tried before. I have tired to contact Rubik's Cube to obtain permission to make this app but have not heard back from them.